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Education and Continuing  Education


  • Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology
    January 2015, California Institute of Integral Studies

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    2012, San Francisco State University

  • Associate of Arts in Humanities and the Arts
    2009, City College of San Francisco

Continuing Education

  • Social Justice, Ethics, and Multicultural Issues: Clinical Strategies for
    Inclusion and Empowerment in Improving Treatment Outcome

  • 12/7/2021, PESI, Instructor: Lisa Connors LBSW, LCPC, NCC

  • 2-Day Conference: The Body Keeps the Score - Trauma Healing
    12/13/2021, PESI, with Bessel van der Kolk MD

  • Treating Trauma Master Series
    6/16/2019, National Institute of the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

  • How to Work With Shame
    7/17/2019, National Institute of the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

  • Dignity of Shame
    5/20/2017, Holos Institute, Instructor: Renee Soule, PhD

  • Trauma-Informed Care Social Justice Healing
    3/9/2018, Instructor: Sal Núñez, PhD

  • Mindfulness, Loving Kindness, Compassion Retreat
    3/25/2019, Instructor: Nicole Danielle Proffitt, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

  • Life in the Metaphor: Sandtray, Expressive Arts, and Active Imagination
    2/16/2019, Instructor: Jo Sopko, MA MFC# 38054

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) - Accredited Certificate
    11/2/2020, International Association of Therapists, Instructor: Elimira Strange

This extensive education and continued learning reflect my commitment to providing you with the best possible care.

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